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protecting little fingers

An innovative, yet beautifully simple, child safety product that prevents childrens' fingers from being crushed in doors. Handisure stops a door from closing, even if it is opened ajar by a child, no other safety product can achieve this. The passion project of a leading British surgeon on a mission to reduce the staggering number of yearly hospital admissions.

- 300,000 children go to hospital and 15,000 lose fingers in the US due to door crush injuries. 

This great invention assisted by the brand and packaging design we spearheaded, has been grabbing the attention of multiple award institutes, achieving numerous accolades including a prestigious prize from the IDA (international Design Awards). Handisure also received over 200% of the required funding to launch, in less than 15 minutes on kickstarter.

·  Brand Identity

·  Structural Packaging

·  Production Artworking

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